I Have 8 Types of Cheese in My Fridge Right Now But Not Kraft Singles, Thank God

Last month, Kraft announced that they were recalling thousands of boxes of their “cheese” singles. On Thursday, they went further, recalling 335,000 cases on top of the 36,000 already taken off the market, because more customers reported that they too had eaten a piece of wrapper plastic instead of straight cheese. »9/04/15 1:50pm9/04/15 1:50pm

The Latest Sexy Man Ad That Has One Million Moms' Panties in a Bunch

Kraft's latest campaign for their Zesty Italian Dressing features this good-looking human wearing what appears to be no clothing. The tagline reads "Silverware Optional — Let's Get Zesty." One Million Moms, the group that has a habit of getting bent out of shape about this stuff, has deemed it "the most disgusting ad… »6/14/13 11:00am6/14/13 11:00am

Scary New Machine Scans Your Face And Decides Whether To Give You A Treat

If you're one of those people who can make a meal of walking around the grocery store snagging free samples, there's a new machine that is poised to ruin your dinner for the foreseeable future. It's a robot called the "iSample Experience" that was developed by Kraft Foods, in conjunction with Intel Corp., and it is… »12/28/11 5:00pm12/28/11 5:00pm