The Face of Japan Is Changing, But Some Aren't Ready 

Change happens slowly in Japan, but it does happen. You wake up one day, and things that weren't possible years ago are happening today. Nowhere is that more evident than in the woman who will represent Japan in the Miss Universe pageant—but that's to the chagrin of some who wanted a more "Japanese" winner. » 3/13/15 10:03am 3/13/15 10:03am

Japan's Prime Minister Accidentally Tells Women To Die

You Can Almost Steal Clothes from This Japanese Store

The folks behind Uniqlo are unveiling a new concept in Tokyo: Customers can try on clothes and then leave the store to see how they look in public. » 6/18/14 6:00pm 6/18/14 6:00pm

Advil Has a Strange Way of Showing Menstrual Cramps in South Korea

Headaches aren't fun. Neither are toothaches and back pains. And menstrual cramps suck, too! But in South Korea, Advil has an odd way to illustrate that. » 2/19/14 12:59pm 2/19/14 12:59pm

Wrong about Japan and Sex

Right now, Japanese people are having sex. Not all the Japanese people at once, mind you. But it's going on as you read this. Forget what you've recently heard about the country's bedroom habits, because it's just not true. » 10/23/13 2:35pm 10/23/13 2:35pm

NSFW: Japan's $7 Million Sex Museum Sure Is Silly

Whether it's North America, Europe, or Asia, sex museums dot the globe. But how many of them can claim Superman sex or phallic nunchaku? » 10/18/13 10:24am 10/18/13 10:24am

Japanese Banana Art Is So Damn Appealing

Darth Vader. A Xenomorph from Aliens. Attack on Titan. That's not mentioning the various other characters as well as animals, too. They've all been brought to life in amazing banana sculptures. » 8/28/13 9:34pm 8/28/13 9:34pm

These Are China's Watermelon Kids

It's summer! It's hot, especially in China, which is seeing record heat waves. To cool off, some people eat chilled watermelon. A few kids are even wearing it. » 8/10/13 12:00pm 8/10/13 12:00pm

The World of Japanese Husband Salaries

In Japan, there's the salary you get from your company. And if you are a married man, there's the salary you get from your wife. It's called "okozukai" (お小遣い), which is sometimes translated as "pocket money". Think of it as a husband salary. That's what it is. » 5/15/13 2:45pm 5/15/13 2:45pm

Woman Gets Upset After Starbucks Writes "Vagina" Instead of "Virginia"

Whoops. A Hong Kong Starbucks made one customer unhappy after totally screwing up a first name. Imagine that! A Starbucks spelling fail? Impossible. » 4/30/13 10:25am 4/30/13 10:25am