Looking for Financial Help? Be a Pretty Lady With Light Skin

If you've ever spent time on any crowdfunding sites—from Kickstarter to Kiva—you know the amount of people seeking your money can be overwhelming. It can be hard to choose when often everyone on the site seems so deserving. (Well, it's probably less difficult to decide when you're on Kickstarter choosing between… » 3/28/12 1:15pm 3/28/12 1:15pm

Money Doesn't Make The World Go Around, But It Helps

The Today Show had a segment on microlending this morning, and you know what? Not all credit is bad. And it can really help struggling women. As Reuters reports, anyone with $25 and an Internet connection can finance a small business. Oprah talked about Kiva.org microloans on her show in September, and the day the… » 1/11/08 3:30pm 1/11/08 3:30pm