LC Now Paying People To Wear Her Clothes • Bulletproof Bras For Germany's Female Cops

After her "Lauren Conrad Collection" was dropped from the L.A. celebrity boutique Kitson, LC has resorted to using her C-list celeb status as a bargaining chip to find people to wear her clothes. • PANIC: There was a bomb threat at the MGM tower earlier today. The entire building was evacuated, including the talent… »8/05/08 5:20pm8/05/08 5:20pm

'US Weekly's' Ken Baker Was A Nice Guy, Back When He Still Lactated

Yesterday's post on Us Weekly West Coast executive editor Ken Baker, the worst boss in America, drew many comments and a few phone calls from former co-workers. Once upon a time, you see, Ken was a nice, friendly, idealistic Columbia J-school grad with the highest of ethical standards. The only problem was that his… »9/18/07 4:10pm9/18/07 4:10pm