Internet Chops and Screws Kristen Stewart's Quote About Being "Out Of Control" While Acting

The good news is that we've transitioned into the Overanalysis of Interviews post-mortem phase of the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart infidelity drama (alias Sparklegate), which means we are one step closer to hearing nothing more about it, ever again. The bad news is that a moment in K-Stew's pre-cheating scandal… »8/25/12 11:30am8/25/12 11:30am


Former ANTM Contestant Kim Stolz Parodies Tyra Banks Way Too Well

Remember Kim Stolz? She was the contestant from America's Next Top Model »10/13/08 12:00pm10/13/08 12:00pm Cycle 5 who went on to become a correspondent for MTV News. Apparently, she took issue with last week's "Fiercee" photo shoot on , particularly Annaleigh's photo, for which the concept was "interviewer with an attitude." Remember when at the…

Former ANTM Contestant Gets Closure With Tyra On Red Carpet

Okay, so first of all, The Tyra Show put on something called "The Fiercee Awards" (pronounced like fierce-ay), which was an awards show solely for former Top Model contestants. How the hell did we miss this!? Why weren't we invited!? (Wait, I can think of a reason or two.) Anyway, Kim Stolz, the lesbian from cycle… »3/31/08 5:00pm3/31/08 5:00pm