Internet Chops and Screws Kristen Stewart's Quote About Being "Out Of…

The good news is that we've transitioned into the Overanalysis of Interviews post-mortem phase of the Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart infidelity drama (alias Sparklegate), which means we are one step closer to hearing nothing more about it, ever again. The bad news is that a moment in K-Stew's pre-cheating scandal… » 8/25/12 11:30am 8/25/12 11:30am

Former ANTM Contestant Gets Closure With Tyra On Red Carpet

Okay, so first of all, The Tyra Show put on something called "The Fiercee Awards" (pronounced like fierce-ay), which was an awards show solely for former Top Model contestants. How the hell did we miss this!? Why weren't we invited!? (Wait, I can think of a reason or two.) Anyway, Kim Stolz, the lesbian from cycle… » 3/31/08 5:00pm 3/31/08 5:00pm