LeAnn Rimes Marriage Sitcom in the Works, Not That America Wants One

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes are trying to sell a sitcom based on their life together. Various sources say: "They would play versions of themselves, kind of like on Curb Your Enthusiasm. [...] "They've met with a few networks.. Nothing is finalized yet, but they're seeing where the show could go." » 4/11/13 9:00am 4/11/13 9:00am

Pete Doherty's New Drug Buddy: A Kitten

  • We previously told you that Pete Doherty's cat, Dinger (slang for syringe), may have ingested cocaine. Well, now, Pete has apparently got one of Dinger's kittens hooked on crack. Of that kitten, a source says, "In Pete's mind it is the only one who understands him now." WTF. [The Sun]
  • Michael Lohan visited daughter…
  • » 9/07/07 9:00am 9/07/07 9:00am

Britney Spears: It's Not Right, But It's 'OK!'

  • Britney's photo shoot/talk with OK! magazine was a total disaster! The interview was a "meltdown," the photos are "so bad they could kill her career," she wiped fried chicken grease on a Gucci dress and used a Chanel dress to pick up puppy poo! How badly do you want to see those pix, y'all?!?! [TMZ]
  • Kelly Clarkson…
  • » 7/24/07 9:00am 7/24/07 9:00am