Kim Kardashian to Launch Her First Non-Drugstore Fragrance, and It…

Kim Kardashian is launching her fourth signature perfume since 2009, True Reflection. Explains the hyperreal star, "I definitely think I'm in a reflective period in my life, probably more so than any other period." This is Kardashian's first attempt to crack the department store market — True Reflection, starting at … » 5/04/12 1:05pm 5/04/12 1:05pm

5 Odd Things About Kim Kardashian's Perfume Commercial

Kim Kardashian's 30-second fragrance spot is being called "her second funniest video yet." Because of her sex tape, get it? Hilarious. But the truth is, there are a few strange things about the commercial: » 1/13/10 3:30pm 1/13/10 3:30pm