Secret Service Agent Runs Down a Grandmother in Brooklyn

It seems like just yesterday the Secret Service was pretty much unanimously associated with saving the day, but now the agency is finding that when it rains bad news, it pours. First came the prostitution scandal in Colombia, perhaps the first-ever challenge to our general idea that Secret Service members are totally… »5/04/12 12:05pm5/04/12 12:05pm

Military Wife Finds Out via Facebook That Her Husband Was Killed in Afghanistan

No matter how one hears about it, finding out about the death of a loved one is bound to be awful. But one military wife had a particularly terrible experience—she found out her husband had been killed in action via Facebook. Ugh, yet another downside to being able to instantly contact anyone. »4/19/12 11:00pm4/19/12 11:00pm

Fox News Apologizes To Jews After Insinuating They Killed Jesus

If you thought Fox News was going to take a break from being completely obnoxious for the holidays, you were sadly mistaken. In a move that can only be described as asinine, Fox Latin America put up a poll on Facebook asking their followers who they thought was responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. Here were the… »12/29/11 10:45pm12/29/11 10:45pm

Your Morning Cry: Single Mom Found Dead With A List Of Dreams In Her Pocket

We all have dreams, but few of us are committed enough to write down a list of them and carry it around as a constant reminder of what we're aiming for in life. But Donna Fountain, a 38-year-old from Brooklyn, did just that. Sadly, police found Donna's list with her when she was killed by a hit-and-run driver on… »12/28/11 11:45am12/28/11 11:45am