Michele Bachmann Thinks The Entire Internet Is Against Her

Yesterday was especially unkind to Michele Bachmann. First, news broke that her Iowa campaign director, Kent Sorenson, had defected to Camp Ron Paul. Then, she lost another top staff member, her political director Wes Enos, who resigned after he had the nerve to publicly defend Sorenson against charges that he'd… »12/30/11 9:30am12/30/11 9:30am


Michele Bachmann's Iowa Chair Flees, Seeks Solace With Ron Paul

Michele Bachmann's disdain for facts is well known, which is why on Fox News last night she was confidently declaring that she'll be the Republican nominee, adding, "I intend to be America's Iron Lady." However, for those of us who dwell in reality, two things have come to light that suggest Meryl Streep will never be… »12/29/11 10:00am12/29/11 10:00am