"I Was Told To Wear Those Clothes For Three Days To See If I Was Any Sort Of Temptation To The Male Species"

I'm sorta cynical, but the allegations of the all these U.S. American victims of sex crimes in Iraq have gotten so incomprehensibly heinous, it's starting to sound, like a lawyer here points out, like "a bad joke." See, it isn't enough that Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped and then locked in a shipping container, or… »12/17/07 11:00am12/17/07 11:00am


Defense Contractors: If It Wasn't For Diplomatic Immunity-Protected Rape, They'd Never Get Laid

Jamie Leigh Jones, who will appear on 20/20 this week to discuss how she was gang-raped, imprisoned and threatened with the loss of her job while working as an administrative assistant for erstwhile Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root in Iraq two years ago, has started a foundation to help women like herself… »12/11/07 6:00pm12/11/07 6:00pm