Dear Pretty Girls Who Are Also Smart: Some Tips For Avoiding Our Antipathy

Life is easier when you're a pretty girl. Not something we needed to travel to South Carolina to figure out, right? Even among the NPR-listening Blue State set, good looks make for bigger book advances, especially (double shocker) when it comes to females. So is this the cause of any concern to Katherine Taylor,… »8/30/07 1:30pm8/30/07 1:30pm


The Chick Lit Cat Fight Chronicles.... Might Be A Witty Title For A Pink Book, No?

Meet author Katherine Taylor. (Her narrator is called "Kath," too!) She never thought she was pretty, always thought she looked like a boy. (What is up with these pretty girls — ahem, ScarJo — saying they think they look like boys? Anyway, Kath thinks she writes as well as any boy, which is why she is the latest… »3/07/07 3:55pm3/07/07 3:55pm