Wanna Know Why the Bullied Bus Monitor Is Now $500K Richer? Because It's Our Fault She Was Bullied

The vacation fund for Karen Klein, the 68-year-old grandmother who was harassed and threatened by boys on the school bus she was monitoring has just hit half a million dollars. It's great that kind souls, feeling like they want to do something, have stepped up and made financial donations. But let's get real: We're to… »6/22/12 12:50pm6/22/12 12:50pm


Cruelly Taunted Bus Monitor Tells Matt Lauer She Wants The Boys to Be Punished

A video of Karen Klein, a school bus attendant who was called a "fat ass" and a "troll" by a group of middle school boys on the bus, went viral recently. Klein — a 68-year-old grandmother and former bus driver — was on the Today show this morning, and told Matt Lauer that she hopes the kids, who have not only… »6/21/12 12:30pm6/21/12 12:30pm