Adam Levine's Kmart Line for Women: 'Africa' and 'Reggae' T-Shirts

Adam Levine has been called (by us) the human equivalent of a leather wrist cuff. Now that he's launching his own women's line for Kmart, it's apparent that he doesn't agree with this characterization — he probably sees himself more as a ladies' straw fedora or a golden bracelet that says "Brooklyn." » 4/08/14 12:00pm 4/08/14 12:00pm

Watch Some Dudes Play Holiday Carols With Their Ball Sacks

I bet the pitch meeting on this commercial was hilarious. Like, someone was all, "Why don't we have a row of nut crackers crunch nuts to holiday tunes?" "'No! Why don't we imply that men have balls of steel that make beautiful music when they collide?" And then the boss — who was in his head and not listening to anyone —… » 11/19/13 10:40am 11/19/13 10:40am

Nicki Minaj's Clothing Line Was Made for Nicki Minaj Only

Though some photos of models wearing Nicki Minaj's new clothing line for Kmart have been released, it's only when Mariah Carey's arch-nemesis has chosen to Instagram photos of herself wearing the clothes that the purchasing public can realize the truth: Wearing these clothes are legitimately the most Nicki Minaj you… » 8/15/13 10:50am 8/15/13 10:50am

Shark Dies After It Was Plopped in L.A. Pool for Kmart Commercial

Lord knows what kind of Kmart commercial would need to place an actual white tip shark into a 60,000 gallon pool in Van Nuys, California, but regardless of how cool the storyboard was, it wasn't worth it. » 3/16/13 2:00pm 3/16/13 2:00pm

Woman Finds Letter Allegedly from Chinese Laborer Tucked Inside Her…

In a story so powerfully on-the-nose that it stinks of urban legend ("Help! Being held prisoner in a fortune cookie factory!"), an Oregon woman opened a package of Halloween decorations to find a desperate letter from a Chinese laborer. The letter (which, so far, has been neither verified nor debunked) begins: » 12/28/12 7:50pm 12/28/12 7:50pm

Paris Hilton Wears Terry Richardson's Glasses On The Cover Of Vogue

Nina Garcia: Still Doesn't Know Whether She's In Or Out

  • OK, so the latest on the soap opera-esque tale of Nina Garcia is that she's been offered the part-time title of Editor-at-Large by the peeps at ELLE because they want her to stay on-board because she made ELLE famous because of Project Runway and let's face it, print is dying anyway and needs all the free press it…
» 4/15/08 11:30am 4/15/08 11:30am