The Hills: Lauren Conrad Maybe Hooked Up With JustinBobby

So that rumor about how Lauren supposedly hooked up with JustinBobby behind Audrina's back finally made it onto the show. Lauren denies it and is now mad at Audrina for even asking her about it, as is JustinBobby, who said that the whole thing was "immature, dude" and got up and walked away after avoiding Audrina's… »11/25/08 12:00pm11/25/08 12:00pm

The Hills: Lauren Pretends To Be A Supportive Friend To Audrina

On last night's episode of The Hills »11/18/08 12:00pm11/18/08 12:00pm, Audrina and Lauren went out for a drink together for the first time since Audrina moved out. You'd think any roommate tension that used to be between them would have dissipated, but there was still some weirdness in the air when Audrina spoke about boyfriend JustinBobby and the…

Audrina & JustinBobby: The Least Compelling Love Story Of The Century

On last night's episode of The Hills »10/28/08 1:40pm10/28/08 1:40pm, JustinBobby showed up at Audrina's fake job — she was in the recording studio with Brandy, whose career must be in dire straights if she's hittin' up for publicity — to tell her that he wants to "be with" her. Notice that he doesn't say anything about exclusivity, which is what…

The Hills: JustinBobby Took Audrina's Flower

On last night's episode of The Hills »10/21/08 11:00am10/21/08 11:00am, the gang — meaning, the people paid to hang out with one another in beautiful locations scouted by the producers — went to Cabo for Brody's birthday. Even though JustinBobby isn't really dating/screwing around on Audrina anymore, he still got to go. Once he found out that she's…

Britney Spears Is Feeling Charitable & Sex Tape-Free

  • Britney was at a middle school in The Bronx yesterday to present a $10,000 check for the music program. The donation came from Elizabeth Arden, which is behind Brit's fragrances, Believe, Fantasy and Curious. [People]
  • Hey, guess who has another perfume coming out in December? [ONTD]
  • So yesterday we read that Britney…
  • »10/02/08 9:00am10/02/08 9:00am