People Are Already Fantasy-Casting the Wendy Davis Filibuster Movie

I love it. Let's go. Let's do this. E! suggests Connie Britton for the role of supershero (SORRY) Wendy Davis. They also like Bryan Cranston for Lieutenant Governor Dewhurt, Bill Maher for Senator Kirk Watson (!!?!!?!?!), and Cuba Gooding, Jr. for Senator Rodney Ellis. Do yours do yours do yours! Do yours in the… »6/26/13 8:40pm6/26/13 8:40pm

Justin Bieber's Monkey Is Now a Naturalized German Citizen

Hey, remember when Justin Bieber's baby monkey got seized by German customs? (NOT A EUPHEMISM, PERVS.) Well, instead of going all Not Without My Monkey-Son on the German boy-king or whatever, Bieber was just like "w-evs," and didn't even fucking bother to send in the the required vaccination and import papers to get… »5/21/13 8:30pm5/21/13 8:30pm