Huh! Anti-Abortion Activists Dig in Clinic Trash to Find 'Privacy Violations'

Operation Rescue and other anti-abortion groups have taken to dumpster-diving behind abortion clinics, ProPublica reports, trying to find patient records in order to prove that the clinics are violating their privacy. This has been going on since at least 2008, with anti-abortion groups claiming that the clinics are… »8/27/15 2:30pm8/27/15 2:30pm


'InStyle' Accessorian And Champion Bluffer Alice Kim So Fed Up With New York She Is Leaving For...Omaha

The news has hit that "accessories maven" and poker-champ Alice Kim — with whom one of us has worked, and enjoyed doing so — has left InStyle for Nebraska (a state). But no one seems to want to point to her as the anonymous editor of "ViewFromTheFourthRow", even though there is lots of that real discreet… »5/23/07 5:27pm5/23/07 5:27pm