Arizona Law Requiring Doctors to Say Abortion Is 'Reversible' Blocked 

An Arizona law that would require doctors to tell falsely tell patients that medication abortions are “reversible” has temporarily been blocked. The law was passed in March; a group of Arizona healthcare providers, backed by Planned Parenthood, promptly sued. That’s because saying medication abortions are reversible… »6/17/15 4:30pm6/17/15 4:30pm


Nevada Lawmaker Thinks You Can Clear Out Your Cancer With Baking Soda

Republican Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore suggested on her radio show last Saturday that cancer is a fungus you can flush out with a non-FDA approved drug (that is basically baking soda). Fiore, who was removed from a leadership role over tax liens last year, told listeners of her plans to introduce a "terminally… »2/28/15 2:45pm2/28/15 2:45pm

Could We Date Barack Obama? The Astrology Says No, But The Sweaty T-Shirt Says He's Allergic To Cats...

Helen Fisher is a highly-regarded Rutgers professor whose mastery of biology, anthropology, psychology and philosophy somehow led her to her current career formulating "biology-based" personality tests for and hypothesizing about how politicians would score if they actually bothered to waste fifteen… »8/06/07 10:31am8/06/07 10:31am