Nevada Lawmaker Thinks You Can Clear Out Your Cancer With Baking Soda

Republican Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore suggested on her radio show last Saturday that cancer is a fungus you can flush out with a non-FDA approved drug (that is basically baking soda). Fiore, who was removed from a leadership role over tax liens last year, told listeners of her plans to introduce a "terminally… » 2/28/15 2:45pm 2/28/15 2:45pm

This Week Everyone Got Weaves & Got Knocked Up

Could We Date Barack Obama? The Astrology Says No, But The Sweaty…

Helen Fisher is a highly-regarded Rutgers professor whose mastery of biology, anthropology, psychology and philosophy somehow led her to her current career formulating "biology-based" personality tests for and hypothesizing about how politicians would score if they actually bothered to waste fifteen… » 8/06/07 10:31am 8/06/07 10:31am