Wal-Tart Julie Roehm's Sad, Slutty Fight With Wal-Mart Is Over

For some time I have been obsessed with Juile Roehm. She used to have pretty much the most objectionable job possible, which was to try and convince consumers Wal-Mart was "hip" through the powers of marketing, but then she was fired in a way that actually made Wal-Mart look like the good guy, because apparently the… »11/05/07 7:00pm11/05/07 7:00pm

Where Wal-Mart Went Wrong In Fashion (Hint: All That Cheap Junk Food Didn't Help)

Wal-Mart just lost apparel chief Claire Watts, the second in a short but incredibly dramatic line of failed hires (Wal-Tart Julie Roehm being first) Wal-Mart has made in an attempt to become "cool," and now rumors are swirling that Wal-Mart's CEO will be forced out of the company, all because the company that has… »7/23/07 10:03am7/23/07 10:03am

Sluts Of Corporate America Watch: Julie Roehm's Husband Even More Delusional Than Maria Bartiromo's

Julie Roehm
is just a blog-gift that keeps giving and giving! After getting fired by Wal-Mart for being a slut and a freeloader, she channeled the nation's Wal-Mart hate into a second career for her and her beloved Sean. And just as she gave an "exclusive" to Business Week on how the "culture" at the company was… »3/28/07 3:50pm3/28/07 3:50pm