Wal-Tart Julie Roehm's Sad, Slutty Fight With Wal-Mart Is Over

For some time I have been obsessed with Juile Roehm. She used to have pretty much the most objectionable job possible, which was to try and convince consumers Wal-Mart was "hip" through the powers of marketing, but then she was fired in a way that actually made Wal-Mart look like the good guy, because apparently the only … » 11/05/07 7:00pm 11/05/07 7:00pm

Where Wal-Mart Went Wrong In Fashion (Hint: All That Cheap Junk Food…

Wal-Mart just lost apparel chief Claire Watts, the second in a short but incredibly dramatic line of failed hires (Wal-Tart Julie Roehm being first) Wal-Mart has made in an attempt to become "cool," and now rumors are swirling that Wal-Mart's CEO will be forced out of the company, all because the company that has… » 7/23/07 10:03am 7/23/07 10:03am

BREAKING: Wal-Tart Julie Roehm Strikes Back!

We ordinarily would not interrupt our off-the-clock sitting on the couch with our laptops watching CNBC by actually bothering to POST something, but there is HUGE news about one of our most favoritest sluts, Julie Roehm, the marketing goddess who brought "sexy" to auto advertising and was fired from Wal-Mart for blah… » 5/25/07 3:00pm 5/25/07 3:00pm

Sluts Of Corporate America Watch: Julie Roehm's Husband Even More…

Julie Roehm
is just a blog-gift that keeps giving and giving! After getting fired by Wal-Mart for being a slut and a freeloader, she channeled the nation's Wal-Mart hate into a second career for her and her beloved Sean. And just as she gave an "exclusive" to Business Week on how the "culture" at the company was just a… » 3/28/07 3:50pm 3/28/07 3:50pm