Paris And Lindsay Make Peace; Britney's New BF Is Off The Sauce But On The Crack

  • The Paris-Lindsay truce is officially on, thanks to Paris' appearance at Lindsay's 4th of July makeoutfest. (Side note: new Lindsay boyfriend is either some soap star's son or some legendary horrible diva's son, both of whom we're pretty sure she can relate to!) Official reason given for the warming of relations is…
  • »7/06/07 9:17am7/06/07 9:17am

Spouse Wars! Who Needs A Female President When America Is Really Only Electing First Ladies Anymore?

Reading Frank Rich's Cancer-Katie-Backlash-Backlash-to-the-Backlash weigh-inElizabeth Edwards For President on Sunday reminded us that one of the reasons our mom was wooed by, ha ha, the "compassionate conservative" in 2000 (yeah, this would be the Jezzy who hails from Virginia speaking) was because she had been so… »4/02/07 2:06pm4/02/07 2:06pm