The Socialites At The New Yorkers For Children Soiree Looked Kinda Silly

High-society events, like last night's New Yorkers for Children's Ninth Annual Fall Gala, are a nice change from celeb ones. On the one hand, you're less likely to see flat-out Uglies. But there's always a lot of subtle "bad" that's technically tasteful but really weird. Not that there weren't celebs there - think… »9/17/08 10:30am9/17/08 10:30am

Artsy-Fartsy: Trash Bags At Whitney Young Contemporaries Party

According to their website, "The Whitney Contemporaries is a dynamic group of art patrons between the ages of twenty-one and forty, committed to supporting the Whitney [Museum]'s mission of championing emerging voices and artistic innovation. Contemporaries are guaranteed exclusive access to the Whitney's unparalleled… »6/18/08 10:40am6/18/08 10:40am

Stars Wore Their Budget Best At The Rogan For Target Party

Last night, Barneys New York in Los Angeles hosted a party for the debut of Rogan For Target. Rogan, the company known for its $250 jeans, is teaming up with Target so us mere middle and lower-class mortals can get our hands on "designer" denim. Attending the party were stars of film and television: Marcia Cross,… »5/16/08 11:30am5/16/08 11:30am

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Premiere Welcomed Fashions Both Good And Ugly

Last night in Los Angeles, the stars of the new film Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins turned out to bask in their own glory. Some, however, looked more glorious than others. While Martin Lawrence, the film's lead, kicked it old school, the other looks ranged from drop-dead gorgeous (Joy Bryant) to looks-like-she's-gonna-… »1/29/08 10:30am1/29/08 10:30am