LOL Jerks: Jon Gosselin & Hailey Glassman

On last night's Entertainment Tonight, Jon Gosselin chose Hailey Glassman's interview with Mary Hart as his opportunity to "break up" with her. Mary's WTF faces were gold. We present to you our version of the interview: LOL Jerks. » 11/04/09 3:40pm 11/04/09 3:40pm

Hailey Glassman On Emotionally Abusive Boyfriend Jon Gosselin

It was hard not to feel at least a little bad for Hailey Glassman tonight on The Insider. For the entire show, she cried as she talked about hurtful comments from tabloids, and what a dick her boyfriend can be. » 10/29/09 8:00pm 10/29/09 8:00pm

9 Things About Jon Gosselin's New Girlfriend

Jon Gosselin has another new girlfriend, 22-year-old Hailey Glassman. They just spent the weekend in St. Tropez, and are apparently designing a children's clothing line together for Ed Hardy. Here's a quick primer on Glassman... which includes her mugshot, natch. » 7/13/09 2:00pm 7/13/09 2:00pm