Mel Gibson Is a Dangerous, Violent Madman, Says 'Showgirls' Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas

Okay, it's not exactly the most surprising headline considering Mel Gibson's tumultuous past decade, but Joe Eszterhas reveals a few unsettling anecdotes in his new book Heaven and Mel (yes—dude wrote an ENTIRE BOOK about being terrified of Mel Gibson). If you hadn't heard, back in December the Gibsons and the… »6/07/12 8:30pm6/07/12 8:30pm


'Formerly Fat' Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Regret Calling Out Xtina's Weight Gain

Explaining how vicious jibes about her size when she was younger led to a poor body image, Kelly Osbourne says she refers to herself as an FFP – or former fat person – and will never feel "skinny" no matter how many pounds she loses. "I grew up on the road with my father... but I came from a very small village, where… »4/12/12 9:00am4/12/12 9:00am