Watching Women Talk About Sexism In The Workplace Is Sort Of Like Sexism In The Workplace

Joanne Lipman, the editor of Portfolio, went on CNBC this morning to discuss that story about how women have altogether stopped making progress on the "gender parity" front in corporate America and I was keen to watch since I knew that she used to actually work with two of the anchors, Becky Quick and Carl… »3/25/08 4:30pm3/25/08 4:30pm

'Portfolio' Fashion Blogger Laurie Goldstein Crowe Pities Poor Newly Rich In China

H&M is opening in Shanghai, meaning legions of Chinese consumers will now have access to knockoffs made in, er, Bucharest. You probably don't care, but this is kind of mind-blowing from an economic implications/world-being-flat perspective, not that Portfolio fashion blogger Laurie Goldstein Crowe sees it that way:
»4/18/07 12:30pm4/18/07 12:30pm

Conde Nast 'Portfolio' Editor As Thin, Beholden To Advertisers As Other Conde Nast Editors

Two years ago, Si Newhouse, the publisher of Vogue and Glamour tapped a female Wall Street Journal editor for an intriguing new job — start a new business magazine! This was a risky proposition, namely because while the readers of business magazines (ourselves notwithstanding, natch) generally have boatloads of cash,… »4/16/07 9:59am4/16/07 9:59am