Vogue Writer Tries, Fails to Successfully Justify Fawning Asma al-Assad Profile

Forget the tens of thousands of people who've died since Bashar al-Assad started slaughtering opponents of his regime in March 2011. The real victim of the ongoing Syrian massacre is Joan Juliet Buck, the writer whose Vogue article on Assad's glamorous wife, Asma, cost her "my livelihood and end[ed] the association I… »7/30/12 2:55pm7/30/12 2:55pm


'Vogue': There Are Dumber Things To Read This Weekend, But At Least 'Baldo' Has A 10% Chance Of Being Funny

Sometimes magazines make promises they can't keep on their covers. The cover-touted "Once Burned, Twice Shy: One Woman's Tale of Tanning Abstinence" in next month's Vogue is not an example of this. What you see is what you get: this is the story of a single woman, Joan Juliet Buck, not claiming to represent any sort… »6/22/07 5:17pm6/22/07 5:17pm