Jim Webb Gets Very Emotional About Andrew Jackson, the $20 Bill and the 'Myth of White Privilege'

Jim Webb, a former Senator who once killed a guy, dropped out of the Democratic primaries race back in October. We miss him. We miss him so much. We are so delighted to see Jim Webb, back in here with a very exciting op-ed about the $20 bill and “the myth of universal white privilege.”


Overwhelming Democratic Favorite Jim Webb to Drop Out of Race, No, How Could This Happen

Reports began trickling out an hour ago that overwhelmingly popular Democratic candidate Jim Webb, a guy who a strong two percent of the base said they might consider voting for, will be leaving the Democratic primary race. An hour from now, he’s expected to rise from the ashes as an independent candidate and, yes,…

A Field Guide to the Non-Hillary Clintons At Tonight's Democratic Debate

Around 8:30 tonight, a group of concerned white senior citizens will alight delicately on an overlarge stage in Las Vegas and make a case for why they should be allowed to roost in the White House. The following is a field guide to help the amateur naturalist politics-watcher identify the non-Hillary Clintons you…