Fake Cancer Bride Is Soooo Sorry for Faking Cancer

Back in 2010, a charming young woman named Jessica Vega faked cancer to trick her boyfriend (and the father of her child) into marrying her. Not only did Vega end up getting her proposal, but she also received a free wedding dress, free makeup for her bridal party, free bar tab and a free honeymoon in Aruba thanks to… »6/08/12 12:40pm6/08/12 12:40pm


Faking Cancer to Make Money and Get Free Stuff Is Officially a Thing

Today a grand jury in Orange County indicted 25-year-old Jessica Vega on a charge most unusual: lying about having terminal cancer so she could have a gigantic, free wedding. When Vega didn't die as promised, suspicions were aroused, her husband divorced her, and the bride found herself in trouble with the law. But… »4/10/12 6:15pm4/10/12 6:15pm