Jessica Cutler — who only recently announced her engagementmarried fiancé Charles Rubio on Monday at NYC's City Hall. Cutler, who managed to tell The New York Observer almost nothing of value, ordered an ass-shaped cake inscribed "to have and to hold" for the occasion and wore a grey suit instead of an annoying… » 12/10/08 10:40am 12/10/08 10:40am

Did Someone Forget To Tell Jessica Cutler She's Not Allowed To Be Happy?

Where have I heard this before? Ever since word came out that former Washingtonienne and author Jessica Cutler became engaged, there have been a lot of people — mostly those who know nothing more than she had a bunch of sex with people and wrote about it — who have openly shit on her happiness. Interestingly, many of… » 11/28/08 3:00pm 11/28/08 3:00pm

Hillary Clinton Is Everyone's Fantasy, Sick Or Otherwise

There are so many things that change when you become President of the United States — for instance, like the Pope, you lose your name. And with this election, lions are lying down with lambs, former rivals are — at least according to Andrew Sullivan — submitting to the authority of their onetime rivals, and former… » 11/24/08 10:00am 11/24/08 10:00am

Did All That Whoring Make 'Washingtonienne' Jessica Cutler A Kind Of…

Jessica Cutler, that whorey Senate aide who is basically the political world's answer to "Supahead," just gave an interview to sex-positive writer lady Susie Bright in which she basically comes off really cool and smart and decent and frank and Susie Bright comes off like she wants reduced-admission entry into Jessica… » 9/19/07 1:30pm 9/19/07 1:30pm