Jonathan Franzen Accuses Jennifer Weiner of 'Freeloading' on Sexism

Serious Male Novelist Jonathan Franzen would like you to know he still has zero respect for Jennifer Weiner, a popular writer whom he admits he hasn't read but considers insufficiently serious for his manly tastes. This time, Franzen accused Weiner—who talks often about sexism in the book world—of "freeloading on the… »2/13/15 2:30pm2/13/15 2:30pm

New York Times's New Lady Public Editor Slams Writer for Being Sexist

Mega-successful author Jennifer Weiner, a fervent supporter of women writers, has taken the New York Times to task for favoring male authors on a number of occasions. Now — finally — she has an ally at the paper: awesome new public editor Margaret Sullivan, who risked what we're sure is some internal backlash from… »10/11/12 10:45am10/11/12 10:45am

Jennifer Weiner (Yes, That Jennifer Weiner) Is Here and Taking Your Questions

Jennifer Weiner is the mega-bestselling author of Good in Bed, In Her Shoes (which was later made into a movie starring Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz), Then Came You, The Next Best Thing and, oh, a gazillion other excellent novels. But you probably know that. And if you're a fan, you also probably know that she's an… »8/21/12 1:40pm8/21/12 1:40pm

Jennifer Weiner Thinks the New York Times Ought to Profile More Female Authors

In a recent NPR interview with David Greene, author Jennifer Weiner — whose bestselling fiction has often been derided by literary critics as "chick lit" — talked about her latest novel, the dearth of women in Hollywood writers' rooms, and her ongoing feud with the New York Times, which hasn't been very kind to… »7/08/12 1:30pm7/08/12 1:30pm

The One Time Jennifer Weiner Got Wasted at Dinner With Jeffrey Eugenides

In recent years, bestselling author Jennifer Weiner has become somewhat of a spokeswoman in support of successful female authors whose novels about families and relationships are more often than not considered fluffy "chick lit" while notable male authors who write candidly about emotional issues are ususally praised… »4/19/12 12:40pm4/19/12 12:40pm

New York Times Hard-Pressed To Name Funniest Female Novelists

New York Times »9/16/08 3:30pm9/16/08 3:30pm book critic David Kelly asked his fellow writers to name and he noted that not a single female author was nominated. "Where are the female nominees?" Kelly wonders. "Someone here mentioned Jane Austen, but only halfheartedly and only after I pointed out that not a single novel by a woman had been…
"In terms of 'is this book chick lit,' I'm not sure I'm the best one to answer that, or that I

"In terms of 'is this book chick lit,' I'm not sure I'm the best one to answer that, or that I can say for sure that the book is anything other than a Jennifer Weiner book. I never try to intentionally make my books more or less anything...what books get called or how they get reviewed or classified or sold in… »4/11/08 1:20pm4/11/08 1:20pm

Jane Smiley Wonders: Has Writer Jennifer Weiner Thrown In The Towel?

The inimitable Jane Smiley reviewed chick-lit doyenne Jennifer Weiner's new novel, Some Girls for the Philadelphia Inquirer over the weekend, and she wonders why the cover is so goddamn pink. "The pinkness of the novel implies to me that Weiner herself has given up seeking a wider audience, and so given up developing… »4/08/08 5:00pm4/08/08 5:00pm