Radar Writer: Palin Is Popular Because Young Feminists "Dropped The Torch"

Feminists! We don't like Sarah Palin. »10/02/08 1:40pm10/02/08 1:40pm (Other "types" of women , according to .) Of course, many men viscerally dislike the gun-toting Alaskan Governor, but talking about is boring and doesn't conjure up images of mud wrestling. Over on website, scribe Robert Lanham tries to argue that many women dislike Sarah Palin…

Designer: "I Was Raped" T-Shirt Intended To Empower

Prominent third-wave feminist activist and writer Jennifer Baumgardner (Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism And The Future) made a splash three years ago when she distributed a controversial t-shirt that had, writ large on the front: "I Had An Abortion," and was worn by Gloria Steinem, Ani DiFranco, and countless women's… »4/04/08 12:00pm4/04/08 12:00pm