Women Want To Look Like Kate Winslet, Still Prefer Old Jeans To Boning

Today in allegedly-empowering-but-actually-annoying research, a survey revealed that more British women wanted to look like Kate Winslet than like Victoria Beckham. And over a quarter of women in another survey said fitting into old jeans would feel better than sex. » 12/30/09 9:30am 12/30/09 9:30am

Forget About The Jeans Fitting You...

It was probably inevitable: gyms have started offering a "Skinny Jeans Workout, specifically designed to get rid of those annoying little bulges and bumps" that interfere with the line of a skintight, circulation-impairing, unflattering pair of pants. [CNN] » 8/11/09 11:20am 8/11/09 11:20am