Teen Model's Lawsuit Against Urban Outfitters Will Proceed

Hailey Clauson's lawsuit against Urban Outfitters for allegedly printing her image on t-shirts without authorization will proceed. Clauson's lawsuit against photographer Jason Lee Parry was dismissed on procedural grounds, but where Urban Outfitters is concerned the judge found that there is a case to answer for the… »3/12/12 12:45pm3/12/12 12:45pm


Sexy Teen Model Photographer Denies He Meant To Make Her All Sexy

This morning, photographer Jason Lee Parry went on Good Morning America to explain just how it came to be that images he shot of a model named Hailey Clauson ended up printed and sold, without Clauson's knowledge or authorization, on t-shirts at Urban Outfitters. And to explain why he was taking crotch shots of a… »8/22/11 4:05pm8/22/11 4:05pm