Current TV has an amusing send up of the way yogurt is marketed towards women. The best part is when the video's narrator, Sarah Haskins, describes the yogurt eater as the gray-hoodie wearing demographic who has "I have a masters but then I got married" look. But on the serious, that yogurt that makes you poop is… » 5/12/08 4:40pm 5/12/08 4:40pm

Miley Cyrus Is Not The Innocent Victim That Disney Makes Her Out To Be

People are really freaking out about the Miley Cyrus "topless" Vanity Fair photographs. Disney is blaming photographer Annie Leibovitz., saying that she and VF created a situation "to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines." Vanity Fair is standing by the images, emphasizing that Cyrus's… » 4/28/08 4:00pm 4/28/08 4:00pm