GOP Operative Goes Sorta Apeshit On News Anchor

Kate Obenshain, who describes herself as "an articulate, fearless defender of conservative principles," bought her best Nancy Pfuckingsucks act to MSNBC in defense of the "Barack The Magic Negro" song. Bad call! » 12/29/08 4:20pm 12/29/08 4:20pm

Decision 2008: The Top Ten Campaign Objects Of Our Affection

Ever since the Obama Girl declared late last year that she has a crush on Obama » 10/27/08 2:00pm 10/27/08 2:00pm, we've felt a certain freedom to admit that Barack Obama is hot. I mean, who among us doesn't want to be that baby? Unfortunately, Senator Obama's allure keeps people from noticing many of the other crush-worthy objects of our collective…