In Bolivia, Behind Bars Might Be The Best Place For Kids

In Bolivia, more than 1,400 children are currently living with their parents behind bars in that country's prisons. Officials and some parents say that given the alternatives, it might be for the best. » 4/24/09 4:30pm 4/24/09 4:30pm

Baby Girls Add Touch Of Pink, Peace To Mexico's Prison System

"She doesn't know it's a prison. She thinks it's her house." That's Karina Rendon, a 23-year-old woman living in a 144-square-foot prison cell with her toddler daughter and two other mothers and their children at Mexico's Santa Martha Acatitla prison. As the Times reports today, 53 children under the age of 6 live at the … » 12/31/07 10:30am 12/31/07 10:30am