Is Racism Behind The Underreporting Of A Missing Black Girl?

It's often said that crimes involving white children get far more media attention than those involving minority kids (or adults, for that matter). Usually it's hard to come up with specific examples of the differences in how these cases are handled (possibly because minority victims rarely become household names), but… »10/27/11 11:00am10/27/11 11:00am

Baby Lisa Lands People Cover; Other Missing Kid (Who Happens To Be Black) Ignored

Shirley Johnson went to the state capitol in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday, wearing a purple T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Grandma won't stop!" Her granddaughter, Jahessye (JES'-ee) Shockley, has been missing since October 11, but Johnson feels the case has not received enough attention.
"The Glendale Police… »10/21/11 6:45pm10/21/11 6:45pm