Creepy Megachurch Pastor Wrote That Jesus ‘Desired’ His Sexual Relationship with a 17-Year-Old Girl

Jack Schaap, the inestimably creepy pastor who was fired from his sermonizing gig at the First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana last summer after church members discovered he was having a sexual relationship with a then 16-year-old girl, is awaiting sentencing this fine Thursday. If those bare facts aren't enough… »3/14/13 2:20pm3/14/13 2:20pm


Megachurch Pastor & Author of Marriage Advice Books Fired After Getting Caught Making Out with Teenager

Jack Schaap, an Indiana megachurch pastor with a finely tuned Sincerity Face, has been fired after he was caught sincerely sucking face with a girl who was not his God-endorsed wife. The good news is that the girl appeared to consent to the makeout sesh. The super, extra gigantic bad news is that according to some… »8/02/12 4:30pm8/02/12 4:30pm