Big Mouth Strikes Again: Morrissey Blames Kate Middleton for Nurse's Suicide

Stop me, oh ho ho stop me, stop me if you think that you've heard this one before: Morrissey is being a nasty jerk. Following the tragic suicide of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, the morose singer has a lot of cruel things to say, but not about the Australian radio DJs who pranked the hospital. Moz is pissed at the Duchess. » 12/14/12 5:40pm 12/14/12 5:40pm

Jacintha Saldanha Left Three Suicide Notes Calling Out Kate Middleton's Hospital

Jacintha Saldanha, the British nurse who killed herself after falling for a Australian radio station's prank phone call and giving up private medical information about Kate Middleton's royal pregnancy, wrote not one, not two, but three suicide notes before she hanged herself last Friday. » 12/14/12 9:30am 12/14/12 9:30am

Who's to Blame for British Nurse Jacintha Saldanha's Suicide?

Should anyone take responsibility for the death of Jacintha Saldanha, the British nurse who killed herself after she was duped into sharing Kate Middleton's private medical records by two Australian radio DJs impersonating Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles? Not exactly. But it's telling how our culture lusts after… » 12/10/12 11:50am 12/10/12 11:50am