Hermione Does Burberry; Courtney Love To Do Clothing Line?

Supermodel Assaulted By Husband's Hired Guards; Chloe Sevigny Wants…

J. Jill Vs. J. Crew: It's A Fashion Showcase Showdown

The January catalogs for J. Crew and J. Jill arrived at about the same time; and though the companies are very different, in terms of vibe and target customer, there are similarities! J. Crew, founded in 1983, offers a "preppy" look and has its headquarters in New York. J. Jill was acquired by Talbots in 2006 and its… » 1/10/08 3:30pm 1/10/08 3:30pm

Today In Catalogs: Patagonia & J. Jill

Our last entry chronicling the major commercial dump the mailman left in our mailbox yesterday. What we loved, and what we really loved (yes, even from J. Jill!) after the jump. » 4/04/07 1:10pm 4/04/07 1:10pm