1970s Sexist Ads Depressingly Pretty Similar to Today's Sexist Ads

Today, the Guardian ran a 42-year-old piece on sexist advertising that shows very little has changed when it comes to shaming women into buying magazines, cosmetics, and "feminine hygiene products" by telling them they're inadequate at being perfect ladies. » 8/27/12 5:10pm 8/27/12 5:10pm

Melissa McCarthy Is The New Face Of Ivory Soap

Ivory soap is apparently going through a "holistic reinvention" of its brand. No fucking clue what that means, but they've named Melissa McCarthy as the new brand spokesperson. This means she'll be doing the shill routine on Facebook and television, but that's okay: homegirl's gotta get paid. And we're happy to see… » 11/08/11 6:40pm 11/08/11 6:40pm

About Face

Moms! Do you look at your infant daughter and feel a nagging jealousy over her complexion? You should! At least according to this vintage Ivory Soap ad, asking consumers if they can "compete" with their little girls. And check out the smug expression on that kid. (Click the picture to see the full ad.) [Vintage Ads] » 2/19/08 6:40pm 2/19/08 6:40pm