Michelle Obama: First Lady, Mom-In-Chief, and Now, Web Editor

Big score for online women's journal iVillage. Starting August 20th, First Lady Michelle Obama will be stepping in as guest editor, offering Q&A sessions, several videoed interviews and curated articles mainly focusing on back-to-school issues. With that, the FLOTUS also promises to offer up personal anecdotes and… »8/13/12 12:30pm8/13/12 12:30pm


Katherine Heigl Worries Being a Working Mother is Selfish, Calls Herself an Asshole

We haven't seen much of Katherine Heigl lately, but later this month One For The Money — her flick based on the Janet Evanovich bestseller — hits theaters. So she's doing some publicity, including being interviewed by Elle and writing a blog for iVillage. And she's being uncharacteristically (for Hollywood, anyway)… »1/09/12 3:40pm1/09/12 3:40pm