Poll: Who Should Play Isadora Wing In the Movie Version Of Fear Of Flying?

Diane English, the woman who adapted »9/11/08 2:30pm9/11/08 2:30pm the forthcoming film , is adapting Erica Jong's classic feminist novel for the movies. heroine, Isadora Wing, is a poet in a marginally unhappy marriage who indulges in a number of sexually freeing affairs while at a psychiatry conference with her shrink husband in Vienna.…


Sexual Taboo-Busting German Novelist Inspired By Douches. Literally.

Meet Charlotte Roche, Germany's Erica Jong for the aughts. The former TV presenter's new novel, Wetlands, is causing causing quite the hubbub in Germany for its frank discussion of scatology and anatomy from the mouth of its 18-year-old narrator, Helen Memel. Roche, a self-proclaimed feminist, was inspired to write … »6/06/08 9:30am6/06/08 9:30am