Mitt Romney's Abused Dog Might Have Run Away in Canada

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been dogged by a story from 1983 that continues to hound him to this day: while on a family vacation to Canada, Mittens strapped the family dog to the roof of the car in a container and drove off. For 12 hours. The dog shat himself in fear en route, all over the car. The Romneys… »2/15/12 3:20pm2/15/12 3:20pm

Isaiah Washington Needs To Stick A Sock — Or Some Other Implement — In It

  • Isaiah Washington — for the love of God — please keep your mouth shut. The latest from everyone's favorite fired homophobe? That ABC lied when saying that he had gone to rehab since "there is no rehab for homophobia." (Thanks to Slut Machine for this awesome graphic.) [People]
  • New studies show that domestic cats are…
  • »6/28/07 7:10pm6/28/07 7:10pm