"Andrea" And "Mr. Chairman": When A First-Name Basis Rankles

Just now on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell subjected RNC Chairman Michael Steele to some aggressive questioning about his record on expenses. She seemed even more annoyed by how he spoke to her. » 5/07/10 2:20pm 5/07/10 2:20pm

I'mma Let You Finish: The Greatest Interruptions Of All Time

Says today's Times, "interruption has clearly gained a foothold in American discourse these days, and is proving a powerful weapon for influencing the national conversation." Indeed! Just look at some of recent history's most infamous incidents. » 3/25/10 5:20pm 3/25/10 5:20pm

Why Kanye Wasn't Invited to Obama's Health Care Speech

It was obvious during the inauguration that President Obama is a Beyonce fan, but even he wouldn't appreciate Kanye West's obnoxious VMA interjection. Clip at left. [YouTube] » 9/14/09 3:30pm 9/14/09 3:30pm