Meet Italian Cabinet Member Mara Carfagna, A Woman Of Many, Um, Parts

Usually when my little brother sends me tips they have to do with the idiocy of Bush or organized religion or... well anyway, to get to the point, I was somewhat baffled when he sent me a link to this picture on a German website. I clicked about as far as here before I was just like "We're all always searching for new… » 5/16/08 4:40pm 5/16/08 4:40pm

We Couldn't Have Put It Better Ourselves, Agent Provocateur

  • Prestige magazine has the "world exclusive" of the new Agent Provocateur campaign starring Kate Moss. Note the black models featured also in the shoot! They are slightly less prominent, but no worse fed. [Prestige HK]
  • And look her! The notoriously tight-lipped Kate Moss granted an actual interview to the Guardian!…
» 5/12/08 11:30am 5/12/08 11:30am

Dumb Way To Save The Environment, Part LXV

Oxfam would like your recycled bras to send to Third World Countries. Apparently not enough women donate their old ones. (Related: the huge shortage of donated period underwear!) I know the food shortage has had a lot of ripple effects but the idealist in me really wishes a decent non-used bra, like tampon flushing » 4/21/08 2:20pm 4/21/08 2:20pm

Meet Gonzalo Otalora, The Robin Hood Of Ugly People

I was a little skeptical when I first read about Gonzalo Otalora, a Argentinian advocate for the ugly and bestselling author of the book Feosexual, a book that, among other things, advocates taxing the attractive to help reconcile the opportunity gap that persists in rewarding the symmetrically featured with money,… » 4/08/08 4:30pm 4/08/08 4:30pm