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The International Male 1986 Holiday Catalog: The Recockulous Jackpot!

Yesterday we saw the best and the worst of two International Male catalogs from the summer of 1986, but there's one more flea market find I had to share with you guys: The 1986 Holiday catalog. Can't you tell from the tuxedo shirt and saxophone on the cover that untold treasures lie inside? Fringed leather jackets!… » 8/20/08 3:00pm 8/20/08 3:00pm

The Best & Worst Of 'International Male,' Summer 1986

A few months ago, in an exhaustive feat of research, we found the worst outfit in the International Male catalog. And then, over the weekend: A flea market find! Issues of International Male from Summer 1986. Rayon! Army shorts! Faux eyeglasses! Underwear! The best — meaning worst — of the pages, after the jump. » 8/19/08 1:59pm 8/19/08 1:59pm


This Week We Loved Our Moms, Our Undies, Ourselves

UnderGear: No Boxers, No Briefs... From The People Who Brought You…

As previously noted, the International Male catalog is being phased out. The new company is UnderGear.com and thankfully they've sent out their Summer 2008 issue. I sent an IM to Anna that read, "I'm worried that this catalog is NSFW." She asked, "How so?" Then I showed her a sample. She wrote back: "Haaha! That's… » 5/07/08 2:40pm 5/07/08 2:40pm

Searching For The Worst Outfit In 'International Male'

Question: Who shops from the 'International Male' catalog? Surely not international males. For a while there, it seemed to be targeted at Teh Gayz. But the stuff being shilled now? Neither homosexual nor straight men would touch it with a ten foot pole. Satin shirts with matching ties? Gauze overalls? Pirate blouses?… » 4/15/08 2:00pm 4/15/08 2:00pm

'International Male': One Man's Shopping Site Is Another Man's Soft Porn

The first time I saw an International Male catalog was at the all-girls Virginia boarding school I attended in the 1980s. The cool girls — the ones who owned their own horses and got BMWs for their 16th birthdays, with car-size bows on top — got the catalog in their mailboxes, along with subscriptions to GQ. The…
» 9/17/07 4:30pm 9/17/07 4:30pm