Chris Rock Opines On Interracial Dating

This weekend, HBO aired Chris Rock's new stand up special Kill the Messenger » 9/29/08 12:20pm 9/29/08 12:20pm. It was filmed in Johannesburg, New York, and London, which was a little disconcerting at times. Naturally, there were a lot of jokes about the upcoming election ("George Bush fucked up so bad, he made it difficult for a white man to become…

Do Some People Date Outside Of Their Race As A Form Of Revenge?

Monday, Nadra Kareem wrote about interracial dating for the blog Racialicious. Specifically: "Dating With A Vengeance." A few years ago, Ms. Kareem saw a comment on the IMDB page of actor John Cho. Someone wrote, "I hope he dates a white girl." Ms. Kareem explains: "The commenter, presumably an Asian male, explained… » 5/22/08 11:30am 5/22/08 11:30am