Getting A Girl Pregnant: Kind Of Like Halo! A Man's Quest, In Two Parts

Chris Nieratko is an old friend of ours who is best known for eating 50 raw eggs on Jackass and writing a porn column that is really more of a "life lessons" column for Vice. His new memoir-anthology Skinema is a work of total perverted autodidact genius that we keep meaning to post about and then pussying out because… » 7/05/07 5:15pm 7/05/07 5:15pm

Why Men Pee In The Shower — The IM Investigation

When (well, if) America chooses a woman president next November, few traditionally male experiences will be unfamiliar to the fairer sex. We fight wars. We ejaculate. We even, on occasion, send emails regarding our emotional unavailability after a night of passion that involved a little too much cuddling. But no girl… » 6/22/07 1:31pm 6/22/07 1:31pm