Matt Lauer Gets Defensive: 'Having It All Is Not A Gender Issue'

A week ago, Matt Lauer caught hell for asking GM exec Mary Barra if she could be a CEO and a good mom. Yesterday, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi said that her daughters would probably label her a bad mother; Nooyi feels she, personally cannot be a CEO and a good mom. So today, Matt Lauer is all: TOLD YA. » 7/03/14 11:20am 7/03/14 11:20am

Who's the HBIC on Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women List?

For its annual list of the world's 100 most powerful women, Forbes ranks its leaders by "money, media momentum, spheres of influence and impact." So who made the cut? » 5/28/14 11:50am 5/28/14 11:50am

The World's 10 Top-Paid Female CEOs Still Make Less Than Men

Only 3% of the CEOs of the 500 biggest American companies are women, and they're paid less than their male counterparts. Experts tell Forbes that's partly because women tend to choose salary and bonus packages over stocks and options. [Forbes] » 4/29/10 1:40pm 4/29/10 1:40pm

"Women Want To Be Viewed As Executives, Not Just Women"

Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi on fighting for equality for women in business: "Sixty, seventy percent of what I'm speaking on has something to do with women's issues... But if I don't do it, who's going to do it?" [Forbes] » 10/30/09 10:20am 10/30/09 10:20am

Book editor Julia Cheiffetz is royally P.O.'ed » 10/22/08 6:30pm 10/22/08 6:30pm that Malcolm Gladwell's new book about extraordinary achievers, , does not include a single woman. "What about Virginia Woolf, Susan Sontag, Tina Brown, or Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo? What about Oprah?" Cheiffetz asks in the , before adding, "The omission of women in

Orphaned Baby Deer Makes Us Melt • Indra Nooyi Named Most Powerful…

• Squee! This baby deer » 10/01/08 5:30pm 10/01/08 5:30pm, delivered via c-section after its mother was hit by a car is officially The Cutest Thing, Ever. • Speaking of C-sections, a has found that pregnant Asian women whose male partners are Caucasian are more likely to have a Cesarean than white women who have Asian or white male partners. • On…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Tops Forbes List Of Most Powerful Women

Forbes » 8/28/08 9:30am 8/28/08 9:30am just released its list of this year's , and it's a fearsome collection of heads of state, captains of industry, and entertainment giants. Coming in at #1 is Germany's first female Chancellor, Angela Merkel, she of the towering intellect . Another notable in the top ten is Indra K. Nooyi, the , who is the…

Why Do We Know Lauren Conrad & Not Indra Nooyi?

She doesn't live her life in the public eye or weep attractively on MTV, but Indra Nooyi is worth knowing about: She's the highest-paid female CEO in America. Ms. Nooyi, head of PepsiCo, took home a whopping $12.7 million (including $4.5 million in bonus pay) last year. It's serious cash, for sure. But it's … » 8/15/08 12:30pm 8/15/08 12:30pm

Women Rule At The Time 100 Party

Last night in New York, Time magazine hosted a reception honoring its self-selected 100 Most Influential people of the year and, I have to say, the women in attendance were a cool bunch: Arianna Huffington, Martha Stewart, Angelica Huston, Wendy Kopp, Tina Fey, Madeeha Hasan Odhaib, Elizabeth Gilbert, and others. And… » 5/09/08 11:30am 5/09/08 11:30am