Teens Nationwide Defy Indoor Tanning Bans, Take a Stand for Right to Bake Themselves

Indoor tanning, favored by the likes of Tan Mom and New Jersey housewife/convicted criminal Teresa Giudice, has never been known for being safe. But, as more states are making it illegal for those under 18 to partake in the practice, it’s becoming evident that some teens are going to keep tanning no matter what. »9/21/15 6:30pm9/21/15 6:30pm


People of the Sun, Unite! Tanning Industry Uses ‘Big Tobacco’ Marketing Tactics to Paint Doctors as ‘Villains’

Tanning beds are awesome and full of life-blasting vitamins, whereas doctors are stupid, maybe even villainously stupid and need to be stopped from telling people who want only to lay their tired heads down on a bed of synthetic sunshine that tanning salons are not the second-best places in the Solar System (the first… »8/24/12 12:45pm8/24/12 12:45pm

Numbers Of Young Women With Skin Cancer Rises • LadyMag Editor Neutralizes "Men At Work" Signs

Melanoma cases in young women continues to rise (they have yet to adopt the fear-the-sun attitude of ladymags) due in part to increased outdoor activity and indoor tanning. • A well-preserved statue of Venus (from the late classical Greek tradition) was found in Macedonia. • Napoleon's penis is currently in the… »7/10/08 5:20pm7/10/08 5:20pm