This Year, Let's Call It Quits On The Nasty Nit-Picking

Maybe you don't notice, but, unlike the female-helmed celebrity rags, we take special care not to criticize the weight, wrinkles or cellulite of the women we feature. (Of course, their fashions, not to mention their actions, are fair game). Thing is, many of our readers don't notice this fact, or, more disturbingly,… » 1/02/08 4:00pm 1/02/08 4:00pm

Nigella Lawson Feels Bad About Her Body

Some people love food writer and TV host Nigella Lawson. She's bright, successful, forty-something, and loves food, unapologetically. But some people — who have been commenting on the BBC website — think the British star is a "porker" who sends the wrong message, reports The Times of London. "What sort of an example… » 12/03/07 11:30am 12/03/07 11:30am